Painting has been the most constant aspect of my life since I was 14 years old. I am sure that art is part of my destiny and my mission in this life.
I was born in the eastern Europe, in a small town from Romania in 1984. I moved with my sister to the capital of my country, Bucharest. I knew it was my only real chance to make it as a professional artist. Here, I graduated from Fine Arts Bucharest’s Art University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Art and in 2009 with my Master Degree at the same University.   
After seeing what other institutes of art from different parts of the world can offer, I remained with a taste of bitterness towards some aspects of art education. Despite this facts however, I appreciate that it made me aware of my power to develop my skills beyond any educational program. I decided to engage in a fight with my own technical limits and with the bluntness of my fellows artists. I never gave up learning because this is the only way I could achieve a high standard in my professional work. Till this day I am convinced that you cannot relate to a certain style because a style is something unpolished, unfinished yet. For me is a perpetual search that never ends. It is a journey with a permanent unknown destination.
The themes I aim are usually very expansive. That is why, the idea becomes a theme after a long period. I am permanently connected to what ever happens around me. The stories of the others become my stories. The complexity that hides inside each person gives birth to an attempt to discover myself with the conveyance of others.

I don’t expect my inspiration. I think inspiration is overrated in the painting process. I try to work every day, because only this way the mind can produce other ideas. By the fact that my themes are long builded it is necessary not to lose time waiting for spotty moments of inspiration.
The central point of my works is the human being, the human fabric, from surface to depth, beyond the masks and the mirrors. This reminds me of the precarious condition of life in this world. There will always be a symbolic and representative history of the body, and this thing stands testimony for me to know how things stand on this side and across the flesh, that is, beyond the human obvious weaknesses.