Dosar de presa / Press publications

1. "Paintings collections owed by banks, commercial assets"
by Miron Manega
The online Financial Week,  21.06.2009

2. "The bureaus – the new art galleries"
by Miruna Nicolae
Careers – Leadership Journal, 14.05.2009

3. "Review Elena Andrei" 
by Raluca Furtună
The magazine of digital art 
High Pixel, 28.03.2009

4. "Interview with Elena Andrei"
by Adriana Capraru
The magazine of contemporary art
 ArtClue,, 03.03.2009
5. "What art did BCR inherit from Bancorex and what paintings do bankers have in their bureaus"
by Ioana Calen
Cotidianul, 14.08.2008

6. "Colophon at Venice"
by Aurelia Mocanu
The Financial Paper - The sunday paper, 16.05.2008

7. "Venice: Romanian painters at "Colophon""
by Dana Vitelaru
Adevărul, 10.05.2008

9. "Colophon"
by Lucian Velea

The art gallery, 6.05.2008

10. "The human fabric" 
by Simona Vilău
Time Out, 21.02.2008 

11. "A generation of sculptors"
by Luminita Batali

12. "Romanian artists and their jobs"
By Simona Vilau
Cuvantul, no.1, 2008

13. "Youth and color" 
by Anda Dincă
Ziarul Compact, no. 350, 21.09.2007

14. "Self-portraits in colors"
by Alina Aliman
Elle magazine, November number 2007

15. "A sangue fredo/With cold blood - The Venice experience"
by Simona Vilău
Cuvântul, nr. 360, 2007

16. "With cold blood" 
by Pavel Șușară
Evenimentul Zilei, 09.04.2007 

17. "Bonjour, Europe!"
by Veronica Marinescu
Curierul național, 07.05.2005

18. "Good sings"
by Oana Bărbulescu
Cuvântul, no. 336, 2005 

19. "The exhibition of parks and public gardens projects"
By Eduard Tomaziu
Today’s paper, 26.06.2003